Love Dog Las Vegas, Canine Behavior & Training Let Sue, Coco the Love Dog, and Kirby show you how to establish the groundwork for a well-mannered dog and a happy household. Wed, 19 Jul 2017 21:11:15 +0000 en-US hourly 1 12279011 Calling all small dogs! Wed, 19 Jul 2017 21:11:15 +0000 Love Dog Adventures has several assignments where the smaller or smallest dogs do best and are hoping to graduate a several more within the next few months. We have training scholarship funding available and would love to meet you if you have a small dog (under 15 pounds) and time available during the week to volunteer.

We will be hosting several Free Orientations during the summer to prepare for the September course.

If you have such a dog and wish to investigate becoming a Love Dog team, contact asap!

Good Dog Express class starts soon Wed, 03 May 2017 01:40:14 +0000

Learning to Down Stay on your Place

A new three week Good Dog Express class starts soon and this is the perfect introduction to positive training with your dog. This class teaches YOU the handler how to relate to your dog and how your dog learns as they all learn differently.

The classes will be for one hour over three Saturdays at 6:00 – 7:00 pm each month and will be held in Summerlin. The class is $129.00

Learning to Pay Attention

Contact if you are interested in this class.


Love Dog Gathering Mon, 30 Jan 2017 16:57:13 +0000 The Love Dogs got together recently to celebrate each other, our animals, our work and our amazing 2016. So much is on the horizon for 2017. We also bestowed our 2016 Spirit Award to Dash for his amazing spirit through two illnesses this year and his ability to bounce back as if nothing happened.

What an extraordinary day it was with the Love Dog team. So many people had not met before so they had the opportunity to share stories from the field. We bestowed the 2016 Spirit Award to Dash, a true survivor who never lost his spirit and returned to work better than ever. Thank you everyone for making Love Dog such a respected therapy program, and such fun!

Phoenix is a hit! Mon, 22 Aug 2016 00:23:55 +0000  




Phoenix went on his first visit to a memory care facility and everyone just loved him! This memory care home has the sweetest residents and they know many of the Love Dog teams. But who knew so many of the residents had Shepherds in their past and this jogged so many memories. This gentle giant of a dog was quiet, calm and just ready for a belly rub!

Phoenix first walked around meeting new people and then settled on his blanket so his person could tell his story with everyone gathered around them. And never forget the staff in these wonderful facilities – they so enjoyed this brief break with a beautiful dog. Job well done!

Cuddle up

Cuddle up



The Love Dogs at HFMA Convention Thu, 30 Jun 2016 19:36:20 +0000

The Love Dogs participated in the HFMA convention in Las Vegas, joining the Xtend Healthcare booth. These meetings bring together the financial aspect of the healthcare business and the Love Dogs were a huge success. Our booth was the greatest attraction as everyone had to meet the dogs and learn about Xtend.

Thank you Boise, Cedar, Dash, Lady, Pumpernickel and Petey!

Do you have an emergency kit packed for your pet? Fri, 25 Mar 2016 16:25:58 +0000 Nothing is more important than Benny and Petey's welfare

Nothing is more important than Benny and Petey’s welfare


If you had an emergency and had to leave your pets suddenly in the care of others, or had to go somewhere with them are you prepared? Years ago I had a medical emergency and was off to the ER and my plan worked beautifully as the person I had asked to be my Pet Emergency Care Giver came to my home, got the bag and brought my dogs to the place I had made arrangements to care for them indefinitely.

Don’t wait until this happens. Prepare an Emergency Plan now so you will be confident should anything happen. In addition to having someone with access to my home, someone the dogs know and trust, and a place for them to stay, I also have a Go Bag ready at all times. . . and they know where it is in my home!

This bag is packed with enough food for several weeks, medications, feeding and other instructions, my dogs’ health papers, list of who their vet is, my next of kin / other contact numbers, favorite blanket and/or toy. To ensure the food is fresh I often use that food and put newer bags or cans in the Go Bag, just as a store would rotate their stock!

Coco was diabetic so I made sure our emergency help knew where the insulin was as it couldn’t be in a bag and how to administer her shots.

I also have given instructions to several people who have access to my home that if I ever call and have an emergency and can’t get back to care for my dogs, what to do, where to go and they know their financial costs will be covered.

And sometimes it is as ple as you have to leave your home immediately because of fire or other emergency, and you can just grab your pets and bag and go!


Dog’s name, age, etc. l

Updated health records and your veterinarian’s contact information

Food and medications for a month and feeding instructions

Copy of dog’s license

Insurance company and policy number if your pets are insured (they should be!)

List of allergies or other issues

Favorite treats or toy

Contact number for your next of kin / emergency contact as well as your own information

Potty schedule

Extra Leash, collar and harness / Blanket if they like to use one to lie on / travel kennel

Information such as dog knows how to use a doggy door, dog needs to potty right after eating, dog chew leash to signal potty needs

Description of any specific behaviors that might be perceived as off such as Benny now circles to the left after his stroke so new people understand this behavior

Information such as dog is good with other dogs, other animals, small children

Any negative information that could be helpful such as dog is NOT good around other animals, children, etc.

Now you have confidence that under any circumstances your beloved pets will be cared for .


The greatest skill Sat, 05 Mar 2016 14:12:29 +0000 Sometimes the most important skill for a Love Dog to possess is patience – patience to wait to be called into an assignment, patience for long drives, patience with a client trying so hard to do their task or respond to the dog, patience with their handler! Benny’s greatest talent is waiting happily – just never knowing what will come next!

Patient Benny

Patient Benny


How to walk a dog Sat, 05 Mar 2016 14:10:29 +0000 Today we have our favorite class at our adopted school – learn how to walk a dog! Our class dogs have all learned the necessary technique to walk with several leashes and children attached. Of course Petey will be there but I’m not too sure how many kids can walk him at one time! But he will cheer everyone on. This was one of Benny’s favorite classes so we sure hope he can participate next year!

School visits are the most fun Sat, 05 Mar 2016 14:07:54 +0000 Three very special dogs

Three very special dogs

Our visit to Matt Kelly Elementary was extraordinary today. We visited several classes and each one was so responsive to and kind with the dogs. All of our classes had special kids in them and they related beautifully to the special dogs.

This school always welcomes the Love Dogs with such joy and appreciation. We can’t wait to return.

Today several Love Dogs visited Matt Kelly Elementary for Nevada Read Week but when the Love Dogs show up, it is so much more than just reading!

We visited every kindergarten class and all children with special needs … what a fabulous day.

We introduced the dogs and then read a story about one of the dogs and then taught the children how to greet a new dog safely. That’s the part they love the most – getting to pet the dogs!

I think it’s the part the dogs love the most too.

Everyone tells me their dogs love children and would make a great therapy dog. But when you are actually in the field surrounded by kids your dog has never met and he has to remain quiet and calm, that’s the real test. Children could be screaming, afraid, have uncontrollable motions, laugh VERY LOUDLY!  Is your dog still happy and patient while waiting for the time he can greet, and then is he still calm and patient and not excited, barking, licking, jumping??

That’s when you know you have a natural therapy dog!

The dogs with us today were extraordinary and truly Love Dogs!


Halloween tips for your pet Sat, 17 Oct 2015 21:57:56 +0000 Coco's favorite costume - an Elf

Coco’s favorite costume – an Elf

Halloween is traditionally scary and noisy and creepy but it can be very disturbing for your pets. It is often too loud, fearful, stimulating and distracting.

Here are 10 tips for a safe, happy holiday with your dogs:

  1. Bring your dog inside. Even if your dog is happy in his fenced yard, the commotion of Halloween could be very upsetting and scary.
  2. Keep a leash handy at the door if your dog should become too excited with doorbells ringing and new people arriving. The last thing you want is for your dog to lunge out the door every time a Trick or Treater arrives.
  3. Consider keeping your dog restrained in another room during this very loud, busy time
  4. Reassure your dog if he appears to be upset that this is a normal day and keep his routine as steady as possible
  5. Keep candy away from your dog, especially those containing chocolate, nuts, raisins or the artificial sweetener Xylitol. Keep the wrappers out of reach as well.
  6. If you choose to dress up your dog in a costume, experiment first. Make sure he is comfortable wearing clothes and if he shows any resistance, switch to a bandana or other less constricting touch for the holiday. Never force your dog to wear anything he finds uncomfortable. A collar ruff is a great solution if your dog does not like wearing clothes.
  7. If you are dressing up in costume, try it on beforehand in front of your dog and see his reaction. He may become frightened with you looking different so get him used to it.
  8. Keep candles, pumpkins and other decorations out of reach. Dogs can be very curious about anything new, especially puppies, so these objects should be far out of reach.
  9. Make sure your dog’s identification is up to date. Have you moved or changed your phone number? Tags should be kept accurate should your dog run out with frequent door openings or if he is scared. Better yet make sure your dog is micro chipped and that information needs to be kept updated as well.
  10. Think carefully before taking your dog out Trick or Treating with you. If you do take your dog with you, keep him on a short leash should people jump out and scare him. Make sure children or strangers ask before approaching your dog and encourage them to go down to his level before petting him.
Atlas is the perfect Grinch

Atlas is the perfect Grinch

Pet Partners therapy program actually does not permit therapy dogs to wear costumes when working. Not only may it affect their demeanor, but prevents clients from having access to the animal’s full body for easy petting.

But if you choose to dress up your pet in his personal “off time” take care to make sure he is happy and comfortable.

The holiday should be fun and safe for everyone, not a time to introduce your dog to new experiences that may bring on new fears and feelings of insecurity.