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Is animal-assisted therapy work for you? Browse through these articles and see if you should pursue becoming a Pet Partners therapy team with your dog or  cat or go read through Sue’s pet Column at


5 Steps to becoming a Delta Society Pet Partner Therapy Team in Las Vegas

How to become Pet Partners

What is a Love Dog Adventure

Never too late to teach your dog new manners and behaviors

My dog doesn’t like other dogs, can he be a therapy dog

Shadow an experienced therapy team

How to start your career as a therapy dog

Can a dog be too old to be a therapy dog

When it’s time to change therapy assignments

Can a senior be an effective therapy dog

My dog doesn’t need a leash – can she be a therapy dog?

Why dogs chew

How to build trust with your new dog

How stress can affect your dog

Importance of familiarity for therapy dogs

How do you know when to retire a therapy dog?

Therapy dogs are not service dogs

Can a service dog be a therapy dog?

How one health facility measures success

What do therapy animals actually do?

The human is as important as the animal

Delta Society – the testing process

The true benefits of AAT (animal-assisted therapy)

Delta Society test scoring

The importance of blocking and positioning for therapy animals

The importance of re-testing

Best therapy dog may be a cat (Dancer)

What makes a team suitable?

The healing power of pets

How to be a responsible therapy team

Why the Down is so important

First Impressions

Delta is not a dog training organization

The client is the most important part of the therapy team

Therapy animals teach us something every day

Therapy dog’s first visit made a difference

Some inspirational stories about remarkable therapy animals:

The world’s most unadoptable dog and the lessons she taught us

Cricket: a therapy dog’s fist visit is memorable

Meet Lillie

Cheerio: some dogs are born to be therapy dogs

The child who never spoke, said Coco

Hospice visiting

One touch, One smile, One very special dog

What’s remarkable about Lucy

The dog who went to church

A therapy dog’s first visit tells you who your dog really is

One dog, one child

What the child who could not see, saw in Coco

How the first therapy dog got into ICU

Will work for love

Meet MacKenzie

The world’s most unadoptable dog

Meet Aliah, therapy cat


Before you can pursue therapy training, you should have strong basic obedience skills and a highly socialized dog … here are some tips:

Consistency is the key to successful training

The beauty of group classes

How long before a rescued dog is comfortable in his new home

You always get the dog you need

How to teach a shy dog

Can a nervous dog and owner pass the CGC test?

Never too early to start teaching your puppy

Tips for having a well-mannered dog

Introducing a new dog into your family

Importance of early socialization

How to build trust with your new dog

Importance of routine and ritual

Never stop teaching your dog

Can a poor match result in a strong human-animal bond

Can one dog guide another through life?

Ten tips for preventing stress in your dog

Caring for your senior dog

Where to get your dog license in Las Vegas