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“I knew I had a good dog but had no idea how to bring that out of him. He jumped on everyone and barked all day. Once I learned he was bored and not sure of his place in the family, we started walking more and playing and giving his day more structure. HE LOVED IT! He knew exactly when it was meal time and when to go to sleep and he just settled in so quickly. I can see the real personality of my dog now and I love it. Thank you, Sue for bringing peace to our home and to my dog especially.”

“I never had a dog before and for some crazy reason got talked into taking TWO puppies! What was I thinking? After five months of struggling on my own I got in touch with Sue and just started everything all over again. I no longer left them on their own all day to make trouble but gave them things to do and started walking them together and separately. They really liked their time with me alone. I think we can do this!”

“I wanted to become a therapy volunteer with my dog and called several places before I found Sue through Pet Partners. What a difference. No one else seemed to think it mattered if I knew what to do when meeting all these different kinds of new people. And how to manage my dog and really know if she was happy or not. I’m now looking forward to becoming a Pet Partner therapy team and a Love Dog volunteer.”

“The jumping stopped almost immediately once we tried Sue’s suggestions. Who knew it could be so easy? Thanks for bringing some peace into our household.”

“My dog was so jealous of everyone … the other dogs, my friends. Some solid basic training and he started to become more confident and not as pushy. He learned to Wait and Be Patient and Take Turns and now when I call him he runs right to me because it is his Turn for some love!

“I adopted a very very shy dog. She cowered when you even l0ooked at her. She wouldn’t come out of her kennel or walk with me. She stopped dead in her tracks. What frightened her so?  Learning to understand the shy dog was amazing to me. I never thought what I did could influence what she did but her whole world opened up once I calmed down and spoke the language she truly related to — more touch, more silence and less overwhelming stimulation and noise (my talking!) After three months I now have a lovely little dog that enjoys going for walks and looks to be with me. “

I never knew I could teach my dog by being so calm and quiet. I was used to yelling at him all day long. Sue asked me “How’s that working for you?” and I realized it wasn’t! So we started all over and in one day he stopped jumping and by day five I had a different dog – or he had a different owner.

I really love my dog but didn’t like his behaviors. He barked constantly – at everything. At the wind, the birds, the cars, the leaves moving – everything. Once we started classes it clicked that he wasn’t barking for no reason, and we could tackle socializing him so he wasn’t nervous and anxious and afraid of everything. Thank you for teaching me how to teach him so we can both have a nice walk and a nice life.

My dog was very sweet but BAD! He is a rescue and just tore up the house. Sue said he was like her Benny and look how he turned out! So this gave me hope.  It took about three months of solid positive training (Sue trained me!) and he is on his way to good manners. I understand that consistency is important so every day we practice being calm and working on what we learned and he actually likes “going to school.”

I have a big yard and never walked my dog. Why bother when he can run free? Well once I started walking him on a leash he changed. He really did like it and wanted to go with me and stay by my side. I came to realize that our yard was a prison for him and he was never experiencing the world. So even short walks introduce him to life in a new way and he is loving it. And he stopped digging our yard apart.

“I got a book on clicker training and thought I could do it myself. But all I did was confuse my dog! You really need someone there watching and guiding you especially about the timing. One class with Sue and my girl is so well behaved and now I think I can teach her anything.”

“My dog was really a problem. He barked all the time and the neighbors started complaining. He barked when we were home and he barked when he was alone. He barked in the street and he barked in the car. I just had no idea how to stop it. Yelling at him certainly didn’t work. Once I met Sue I realized how bored he was and he just was barking to give himself something to do! We started walking every day, which we were not doing, and he had toys when I wanted to give him toys and he started calming down. Going to “school” is now his favorite words and he sits up straight and wants to “do something.”  It took about two months to really stop the barking and channel his energies elsewhere but after two years of barking, what’s two months!”

We have three dogs and they never got along. I always thought you just got another dog to keep one company and they would figure it out on their own. That sure didn’t work. We never considered their personalities or anything when we adopted new dogs. After learning to really observe and understand our dogs and how different they are we were able to put into place some good routines in the house and get them to work together more, especially walking nicely together. They each have their own place to eat and sleep and we take turns giving them special attention and now all three wait their turns. Thank you for bringing peace to our household!

“I am actually having fun. Thank you for making training fun for me again.  I was so bored and turned off to doing any classes.”

“I never thought I could walk my dog down the street without drama. You gave me the confidence to have patience and subtle control and that is what my dog needed. Thank You!”

“When I first considered training my dog I was afraid she would become too serious and not have fun anymore. I really didn’t want to come but my family was tired of her jumping and barking and bothering everyone. She is a tiny dog but very persistent and a whiner. Or should I saw she was! Now after just a few short weeks and lots and lots of practice and consistency she is a doll. She is still fun but more controlled when we need her to be and she doesn’t go after other dogs or people. I guess I learned that you can have a well-mannered dog that is also fun to be with.”

“We got an adorable puppy that turned into Cujo!  No one told us they go crazy when they teethe or how high and fast a puppy can jump – on everything and everyone. The smartest thing we did was have a few private lessons at home with Sue to get US settled into the routine of a puppy. Now we not only know what to expect, but what to do to teach her the best manners possible and prepare her for group obedience classes.”

“I never thought we could teach our dog to stay away from the children’s food or any food left on the table or counter. But once he learned the Leave It command really well, we have no problems with food tempting him anymore. What an achievement.”

“I adopted a very very very shy dog and for the first few days she wouldn’t come out from under the bed. A couple of private lessons later she is still shy but every day comes out of her shell more and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. She stays with us now on walks and joins the family for play and cuddle time and looks us right in the eye. Huge improvements. I’m looking forward to continuing our work with her so her true self can shine.”

“I really thought it was enough to love my dog but he soon got out of control. He totally took over the house. The couch, the bed, the whole house. Everything belonged to him and when he wanted it, you better get out of his 120 pound way! No one could come or go without his barking, barking, barking. Once we got the hang of positive training he gladly chose to do what we wanted – with a happy wag of his tail. Took about three months to really reverse his behaviors and we’re continuing to work with him so he stays calm, happy and a Good Dog.”

“Our dog was hopeless. Or so we thought. She barked, jumped, chewed, spun in circles and destroyed our house. We had never trained her or set boundaries because she is a little dog and we thought she would just know how to behave. She was never walked outside and not on any kind of schedule. Once we set routines for her and she knew what to expect and what was expected of her, she began to settle down. Several times day we take her out now and she no longer spins – she was just bored. She is the sweetest dog and now everyone wants to be with her.”

“I just wanted a dog that wouldn’t embarrass me when we went out.  I wanted a dog that would be quiet in a store, ride in the car without throwing up, walk calmly by my side. Is that asking too much? But my dog did none of that. So I turned to Sue and after a few months I have the dog of my dreams.”

“Our dog was getting older so we decided to get a puppy. What that did was make our senior dog very anxious and the puppy totally took over the household. We needed lots of guidance to get the two of them settled into the new family structure. And it worked! Our senior got a bit more peppy and our “baby” is growing up day by day.”

“I don’t think there is anything more difficult than having to put your beloved pet down. Our dog was getting older and sicker by the minute and one day he told us in very clear terms it was time.  For him, it was a blessing. For us, it was incredibly hard. We were sad and angry and lonely. Everyone told us to get another dog right away. So we did. But no one told us how our sadness and anger and loneliness for our beloved boy would impact on a new dog. Our new dog was getting stranger by the minute – running away from us, hiding, refusing to eat or walk outside. Then the next day she would jump all over us, bark for the longest time, snap at us. It took Sue explaining how our grief was affecting our new dog … once we understood that our demeanor was the key to unlocking a new relationship, we were able to move on and teach our new dog how to be the best dog. And perhaps this is the greatest honor we can give our dear departed dog. “

“I was afraid I would have to give my dog away or put her down. Her behavior was getting worse and worse and I was really scared she would bite someone. I found out she was not aggressive but scared herself and after about three months, she is a different girl.  Don’t give up on your dogs. Find out first what the problem is and work hard to work past it. Sue saved our dog for us.”

“My little puppy was a very sweet dog but I had never had a puppy before and just was lost. How to potty train, how to stop the barking and chewing? How to stop the nipping and biting? I thought having a dog would be like having children – not! But once I learned to understand DOG, everything else made perfect sense and now my “puppy” is a very happy, delightful-to-be-around dog!

“I bought many books and tried to train my very boisterous dog myself. But learning from a book is not the same as having Sue there to watch and guide and direct you in your technique, voice, body language and demeanor. I never realized how much of a tool my voice is and how silence can be the greatest tool of all. The less I talked the calmer my dog became and we were able to focus together.”

“We called Sue because we were at our wit’s end. One little dog turned our home upside down. We just didn’t know that too much freedom caused all the chaos. After a month of classes, our dog is happier, we are calmer and we actually now understand why a kennel is your dog’s best friend.”

“No one told me there was such a difference between two dogs and three! We had two dogs that were getting on in age and we thought it was the right time to bring a young dog into the home. What did we know! A puppy alone is a huge undertaking but combined with two old dogs, what were we thinking? But about three months later our home is managed well and the pup has good outlets for his energy and the seniors are happy observing!

“I adopted a senior dog and didn’t really think she needed “training” at her age. But coming to a new home disrupted all of her behaviors and she wasn’t even potty trained anymore. I didn’t understand how changing homes could set her back so much. But after just a few months she is settled in and enjoying her time in the sun.”

“I thought love was enough but I guess I loved my dog too much. He just took over and became a little monster. With some good direction and rules established, he is now even more loveable. “

“We never had a dog before and suddenly we got two. What were we thinking! I guess it should not have been an impulsive decision but we really thought two would be as easy as one. And wouldn’t they just keep each other company??? We learned it doesn’t happen that way and we had to put in double the work to get double the pleasure.  Our advice to others: don’t take on more than you can handle, but if you do, get help!”

“When I had two dogs everything was fine, but bringing in a third changed everything dramatically, and I had no idea how to manage everything. Jealousy, anger, fear, excitement – they had it all. After several months of steady work with each of them alone and then together we have a more peaceful household. It’s still not easy but I enjoy my dogs again!”

“At 3 years old, Koda, our Australian Shepherd, was a great dog already.  But I had a hunch that he could be even better with just some expert guidance.  Even after Koda had a set back early on in our training with Sue, through her expertise, patience and caring, Koda is becoming all that we dreamed he could be.” (Becki and Koda)

“Sue brought her own new dog to one of our sessions and I could see firsthand that even for her nothing comes easily or immediately. She truly understands what her clients go through because she is putting in the same time and effort with her Benny.  Having the two dogs work together was a great plus for us as it helped socialize our little one but also they seemed to learn from one another.  Nothing seems impossible now. Thanks Benny!”

“I called Sue because I had one specific problem with my dog. But we wound up doing so much more. Now I have the “learning” bug and want to teach my dog everything.”

“We hadn’t had a puppy in twenty years and all of a sudden our house was turned upside down. After eight sessions with Sue we know how to teach our dog to behave, be calm and grow up nicely. We know it will take about six months or more for her to “grow up” but it’s worth the wait.”

“I particularly liked how well Sue related to our children. We have three boys who love their dog but took no responsibility for her care. With Sue’s gentle guidance they are now not only helping out, but enjoying it.”

“No one could come in our door without 85 pounds of slobbering fur flying at them. After only three sessions of “door etiquette” our dog has settled down so much and we now know how to instruct our friends so they can be part of the process.”

“We wish to thank you for coming to our aid in a stressful time, a new puppy for the first time in forty years, a lovable one but a difficult one at that. He is different from any dog we have ever had. Extremely smart, very active, wanting challenges on a constant basis. With Sue’s help and guidance he has come a long way. He is obedient, responsive (we’re still working on it) and the most loving, snuggly puppy dog we have ever had. The most important command Sue taught us is “Leave It!” By golly it really works. Leave It can be applied to any situation you need stopped. Thank you for all of your help. (Pedro, Diane and Fox)

“I learned so much about my dog by working with Sue.  I saw how smart she really was and how quickly she learned to listen and focus. I had been very loose in her obedience and not really cared if she jumped on people or gave them wet sloppy kisses. And I didn’t really understand why this would preclude her from becoming a therapy dog. But I saw how quickly she gave up those behaviors once we showed her the behavior we did want. Now with all four paws planted firmly on the ground she licks hands and gives sweet kisses without the slobbering!”

“I lost one of my two dogs a few months ago. My other dog was very lonely and began displaying some really bad behaviors. In my grief over one dog I had forgotten to be there for the other. After two sessions with Sue and some very honest conversations about my state of mind, I was able to move forward and thus my dog did as well. Together we mourned and grew and took back the structure and control and love we had as a family.”

“I had a barker. That’s what the neighbors called my dog. The Neighborhood Barker.  Everyone knew if they walked past my house a dog would start barking and never stop. He barked at dogs, people, garbage trucks, birds, trees, the wind, everything. Once I understand why he barked and how to relieve his boredom and excitement, it gradually lessened and now if he does start to bark, one Quiet and he settles down. Miraculous!!!”

“My dog never wanted to meet other dogs. She barked, growled, lunged, I think she would have spit if she could! A couple of classes with Sue later and she is the mayor of the block! I learned how to manage her stress and give her the confidence she lacked to be social and now everyone wants to know my dog. Thank you!”

“I was worried that my new rescue, an older dog of eleven, would never be able to calm down and live a peaceful life. Years of ugliness had created a very scared, introverted little character. With great patience, excellent direction and encouragement from Sue, and the determination on our part to not give up on her … all helped bring out the best in our girl. However long we have with her she is happy and living a life of peace.”

“I wanted to become a therapy pair with my dog and heard about a lot of different programs. Some seemed to require very little and seemed a bit sketchy to me. I wanted lots of knowledge and instruction as I had never brought my dog into the public before. Then I heard about Delta Society Pet Partners and knew this is what I wanted to do. I always want to achieve the best! So I took a Workshop with Sue and now feel so empowered and ready to celebrate my dog with others. And I am so proud we made the cut! “

“Who knew a five pound puppy could be so much work! We got a puppy and had no idea what to do next, until Sue came along. Six sessions and we got her potty trained, walking on a leash, listening to us, quiet when guests come to the house, going to her spot and becoming just the sweetest dog. Don’t even think about getting a new dog without also signing up for some help from Sue. Your life will be so much easier – and more fun.”

“It was so great working with Sue. She taught Brody and Houstyn how to walk on a leash, many helpful commands, and even tricks in only 4 sessions! Both dogs seemed to learn very fast with Sue. She’s been so wonderful to work with and I will definitely continue to work with her and refer her to others!” (Shaushi and Arik)

“Sue changed our life. We had a dog no one wanted to know. He was so out of control we considered giving him up. After six sessions we came to understand what motivates him, what excites him, what controls him and what brings him joy. Solid obedience plus mental stimulation, routine, ritual and structure along with play has changed our “crazy dog into a great pet.”

“Sue has really helped us manage and live with our very nervous, sometimes aggressive and loud Welsh Terrier.  Dusty had always barked at the dogs over the back fence and was able to get them going back at him.  Then if the doorbell rang and a visitor came he would lose control with barking in a most aggressive way.  He was also aggressively reactive to other dogs that we would meet or pass on our walks in the community.  The biggest issue was with his aggressive objection to letting guests leave once they came to visit.  He was even known to snap and nip people as they would try to escape. We signed up for Sue’s group class, but she made a personal visit to our home before the class began, to assess the problems and to offer some beginning solutions that worked beautifully.  She is a natural teacher, teaching the humans how to communicate with and understand their dogs. She has a way of communicating with the dogs and then helping owners understand why problem behaviors are happening. She taught us some “rules of the house” and some natural ways to gently get Dusty’s attention, maintain it with rewards (his favorite is his golf ball!) and then mark the behavior that we want.  It works!  Here we are, less than a month after our first class and all the behaviors that I complained about in the beginning are managed and constantly improving.  I am surprised at how well this works and what a calm and happy Welsh Terrier we have. (Phyllis and Dusty)

“I just would like to recommend Sue if you have a dog-training issue. We lost our 14-year old male Welsh Terrier last summer, and have a 15-year old female WT. We got another WT puppy in September, and if you know terriers, you know how hardheaded they can be. As long as I have had terriers, I knew this, but after not having had a puppy for almost 15 years, I had forgotten their energy level and training issues. When Riles was a little over 6 months old, we started classes with Sue. He is much improved in behavior, but I credit that to the fact that Sue reminded me of how to act and react to behavior issues. At 10-months of age, he is not, by any means, perfect, BUT He does much better now both on and off lead, in the house and in the yard.” (Chris and Riley)

“The most valuable thing we learned was how to walk our dog on a loose leash. What a life saver! Equally valuable was the assistance Sue provided in helping us to read our dog’s stress signals – we are both far less stressed as a result.”

“Roo and I learned so much in our classes with Sue…  I used to be terrified to take my frantic, lunging Rottweiler in public, and now I am completely confident that she will behave herself and listen to me.  Learning to recognize/address Roo’s stress signals and learning how to walk her on a loose leash have drastically improved both our lives.  Thank you Sue! ” (Lauren and Roo)

“I learned so much from Sue.  She not only helped me teach my dog tricks but how to have a well behaved dog at home and out in public.  Eddie came from a puppy mill and even though he was 2 1/2 years old he was like a puppy.  Sue taught me all the basics and more about training a dog who had challenges.  Thank you Sue! P.S.  Eddie became a canine good citizen!”  (Nichole and Eddie)

“Sue has so much knowledge, energy, and patience that it was easy for Estrella and me to get to love her. Estrella and I have learned so much from Sue that thanks to her, Estrella passed her Canine Good Citizenship test and received her Certificate. It is wonderful to have someone so especial like Sue in Las Vegas. We really appreciate you.” (Sonia & Estrella)

“We can’t thank you enough for helping us with our dog. We are getting the idea of what we need to do to have a great dog and companion and you have certainly led the way.”

“The weekly homework Sue gave us was especially helpful. Understanding my dog’s instinct and drives made such a huge difference and Sue’s guidance and support made us succeed.”

“Getting written notes after each class made all the difference. We could go home and –practice what we learned and know we were doing the steps properly to see good results.”

“Sue said I was her easiest client because I was doing everything wrong! Easy to fix things when nothing is going right … and within a few weeks we have a calm, happy dog in a calm, happy household!”

“Who knew having a puppy was so much work? Sue gave us the confidence and support and encouragement to get through the puppy months and bring out the best in our dog, and ourselves.”

“I never knew dog training could be so much fun and everything we do together with our dog has a goal as well as great joy and she is learning while we are learning.”

“We are so happy with our dog now. He has become the most wonderful companion and people don’t cross the street when they see us coming any longer!”

“We could never have done it without you … you are truly a people coach and you taught us how to teach our dog. Thanks for your tremendous patience – it has certainly paid off.”

“The greatest gift Sue gave us was confidence in our ability to teach our dog self control and to listen to us. We can now teach her anything because she has learned how to focus.”

“What can I say? I had the world’s worst dog and now I have the world’s greatest dog!”

“No one wanted to come to our home … barking, jumping, growling, drooling, you name it. Two dogs were running the house. Now they have learned to wait patiently for people to come to them and sweet kisses has replaced sloppy slobbers!”

“Sue’s breed knowledge and understanding of how to teach each individual dog and owner is incredible. There is no “one way” to do anything and Sue tailors your class to your needs and capabilities.”