Group Classes


Love Dog Adventures is the Nevada Community Partner Affiliate program of the national therapy organization Pet Partners. This means that all of our volunteer handlers and animals have been trained, tested and insured by Pet Partners (

The path to becoming a Pet Partner and member of the Love Dog Adventures team begins with understanding your animal and becoming the best handler you can.

  1. Your pet must be at least one year old to be evaluated and have lived with you for at least six months.
  2. Your dog cannot walk with any metal equipment such as choke, prong or electronic collars.Your dog should be trained with positive methods. This is to insure that you understand your dog’s behavior, signs and signals.
  3. Your dog should not be on a raw protein diet.

The current session is full – but it is not too soon to attend a Free Orientation to learn about the program and be ready for the next session.

If you are interested in attending contact Sue at 917-301-4710 or

Here is a simple guide to begin your journey:

Some things to consider as you begin your therapy team journey:

 Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my pet temperamentally and behaviorally reliable?
  • Is my pet comfortable in a variety of settings?
  • Does my pet seek out new experiences with unfamiliar people?
  • Does my pet not only accept hugging and petting, but enjoy it?
  • Is my pet friendly / calm and neutral around other animals?
  • Do I feel confident in my ability to control my pet?
  • Does my pet have basic obedience and not jump or bark?
  • Am I friendly with people and comfortable in unfamiliar settings?
  • Can I raise the skill level of my pet and take the time, energy and motivation to do this?
  • Do I have the time to commit to a volunteer assignment?
  • Do I find joy in sharing my love for my pet with others?