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It all begins with the relationship

Sit and Wait on your Blanket

Sit and Wait on your Blanket

The number one issue people complain about is that “My dog just doesn’t listen to me.” The key to having your dog pay attention to you is establishing a solid positive relationship at both ends of the leash. This little pup is off to a great start by attending a positive training class and both human and dog are learning to communicate with each other. Could this be a Love Dog of the future?



Win a Love Dog Adventures Scholarship

Join Petey as a proud Love Dog

Join Petey as a proud Love Dog

The search is on!

Love Dog Adventures (, the animal-assisted therapy program in Las Vegas, is searching for qualified handlers and dogs to win a scholarship generously funded by The Glenn Group.

Do you and your dog have what it takes to become part of the Love Dog team? Just a bit of what we look for in Love Dog therapy teams includes:

  • You and your pet’s reactions to unfamiliar surroundings and people
  • Is your pet confident in new circumstances rather than nervous or fearful?
  • Is your dog comfortable on a loose leash or does he tug on the leash or try to jump on people or other animals?
  • Does your pet react calmly to sudden or loud noises?
  • Does your dog consistently obey your commands such as sit, down,. stay and leave it?
  • Is your pet friendly in a steady, quiet, calm manner rather than excited?
  • Can your pet be relied upon to not vocalize when a stranger or another animal approaches?
  • Does your dog not only tolerate but thoroughly enjoy the human touch?
  • Do you have the time to commit to volunteering?

To learn more about the Love Dog / Pet Partner program and to investigate the scholarship opportunities, contact

The next Free Orientation will be held in Summerlin on Sunday, August 16 at 12:00 – 1:00 pm. You must Register as space is limited and then the location will be shared.

Celebrate the human-animal bond by sharing your pet with others and contributing to the healing power of the pets.

All training is provided by Love Dog Las Vegas.