About Petey

Petey is the greatest little dog

Petey is the greatest little dog

When Kirby passed away I was devastated. It was all so sudden.  Only two weeks from diagnosis to ending his suffering.

Everyone started asking me if I would adopt another dog … and when.

I didn’t know exactly but I knew the right dog would find us. Benny was very confused, looking all over for Kirby. After a few days he realized Kirby wasn’t coming home so he decided to sleep in Kirby’s bed. I let him.

He felt comforted.

So I started talking to Benny about bringing another dog into our family.

We met with one little girl but she just wasn’t right. I knew our next dog had to have the Love Factor and become a Love Dog so that first meeting would be critical.

Then a few weeks after we lost Kirby, I saw a little dog’s picture.

And I knew we had to have him.

He was a very tiny dog, just four pounds. But he had the look and spirit in his eyes of Kirby.

He was being fostered by A Home 4 Spot and we arranged for Benny and me to meet him the next day. Well, that first meeting was amazing. It was as if Peanut (now Petey) was already our dog.

So we adopted him.

Well Petey is four pounds, ten years old and toothless! Yup, he has no teeth. Years of neglect required his having every tooth removed.

But he eats well and enjoys his very soft food.

And he loves playing and learning new things.

His journey to Love Dog therapy dog began his first night in our home so stay tuned to learn more about his path to therapy dog.


Six months later: Petey passed his Pet Partners Evaluation and began working twice a week with very special children who are living with defining emotional trauma.  While his size might make him too fragile for this critical work, the children are learning to be especially gentle with Petey and they understand he needs them to be kind and trusting and the bond created is palpable. Petey may have started his therapy career later in life, but he is a natural therapy dog and will have many years ahead of him making a difference.