About Kirby

One day Coco and Sue decided it was time to bring a new dog into the family. Coco thought a nice calm boy would be perfect! So they put out the call to several animal rescues and shelters, looking for a small, male poodle – preferably an older boy and one with special needs since Coco and Sue knew they could take care of a special boy.

Heaven Can Wait Animal Society in Las Vegas thought Kirby would be just the right dog. He was a toy poodle found roaming the streets of Las Vegas. He had several health problems but the sweetest personality. Kirby had spent the past seven months in the Pups on Parole program living in a women’s correctional facility in Vegas, learning how to be a good dog. And he was a good dog.

The first meeting between Coco and Kirby was amazing. Coco made room for Kirby in her buggy and Kirby knew instinctively to walk slightly behind Coco as she was Top Dog in the family.

It was soon discovered that Kirby had bladder stones, so he had surgery after just a few weeks in his new family. And Sue put him on the proper food, learned to deal with his frequent need to go outside and how to work with his luxsating patella knees that are now becoming arthritic.

Kirby also had eye surgery to remove some cysts and all of a sudden he no longer had the “saddest eyes.”

In a very short period of time, Kirby learned everything a dog can learn and was ready to help train other dogs live up to their potential.

Kirby has one favorite toy that he brought with him from prison – a reminder of the ladies that cared for him all those months, helping make him healthy enough to be Coco’s brother.

See Kirby at work at www.lovedogadventures.com

Kirby today smiles like a puppy but is the sweetest little old man!

Kirby today smiles like a puppy but is the sweetest little old man!

2013 Update: Kirby developed a very aggressive invasive cancer and passed away on June 17, 2013. He was the bravest little dog and brought strength and joy to so many in his all too short life.2012 Update about Kirby: Kirby has had more than ten surgeries since joining Sue’s family and is a real trooper through every procedure. Eyes, hips, knees, bladder – they all needed repair over time and Kirby is one special boy. It is estimated that in 2012 he was about twelve years old but has the heart and soul of a puppy!

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Kirby is so cute and really loves Coco.” (Sheryl)

Kirby is such a happy little man

Kirby is such a happy little man

Kirby sure takes a lot of medicine!” (Madeleine)

My favorite dog is Kirby because he is just so sweet and funny.” (Leslie)

I can’t believe Coco and Kirby ride in a stroller and don’t jump out” (Loren)

It must be wonderful to have such obedient dogs. Mine are WILD!” (Dennis)

Kirby is smart and funny and loves his Mommy.” (Susan)

Where do you think Kirby came from? He sure seems to love his home now.” (Patti)

Do you think Kirby knows Coco is blind and deaf?” (Gayle)

Kirby is a very loving dog.” (Teresa)

You sure have been through an adventure to find your forever home!” (Connor)

Kirby wiggles his tail a lot.” (Suzanne)

I never saw a dog listen to his mommy so good.” (Francis)