Coco the Love Dog Book

Coco the Love Dog bookSue Grundfest combined her lifelong love for animals and children to create the Coco the Love Dog book and plush toy. Coco, her miniature poodle, served as the main inspiration for the venture.

“Coco could not be everywhere so I had to find a way for her love to reach far beyond our small world; her sensitivity knows no bounds and her connection with humans, particularly children, should be celebrated,” shares Sue.

Sue created Love Dog Adventures Animal Assisted Therapy Team, a Pet Partners exclusive program, in Las Vegas to carry on Coco’s legacy. Their unique programs reasch many more people than Coco ever could as she now has many dogs and cats helping her! Sue is a licensed AKC instructor and Society Pet Partners therapy team Instructor and Evaluator and lectures on canine behavior and training; therapy ans service animal work.

You can order the Coco the Love Dog book and Coco dog from or by contacting Sue directly at contact us.


“The perfect book for any child learning to read, featuring beautiful drawings and Coco’s special love.” (Betsy Wald, Librarian, Maplewood Memorial Library)

“Coco the Love Dog is the spiritual connection for children to the Human-Animal Bond experience. Her unconditional love motivates children ro read.” (Bash Dibra, International acclaimed animal behaviorist, Dog Trainer to the Stars and author, StarPet)

“Coco is the perfect date – she never sheds on a tuxedo! Every child should have Coco in their lives.” (Carson Kressley)

“Coco is truly an Angel on earth.” (Pastor, Rivington House)

“Every living being is unique. The dog is especially tuned into humans. Love them, understand them, as  they already understand and love you, as Coco represents so beautifully.”  (Tippi Hedren, actress and animal advocate)

“The book feels like a hug from Coco.” (Client)


Coco doesn’t have to do tricks or anything – she just has to love us” (Rose)

Coco knows how to snuggle REAL close.” (Anita)

Coco lets you love her all the time.” (Jonathan)

Coco is MY dog and now I really have one to take home.” (Neal)

Coco sees with her heart.” (Alexa)

Coco never forgets you and makes you happy.” (Matthew)

“Coco never runs out of kisses.” (Bonita)

“Coco always makes me feel special.” (Shaunda)    

 Coco knows when you sad or mad and helps you get happy again.” (Gillian)