About Coco

Coco at her best smiling for everyone

Coco at her best smiling for everyone

This is the story of Coco the Love Dog.

Coco was just a very small puppy when she came to live with Sue. She had lots of problems but she was the sweetest puppy ever. She had many allergies so she pulled her hair out and looked quite funny sometimes. And she had problems with her tummy so she ate special food and had to go to the bathroom very often!

Sue herself was recovering from a life threatening illness so they healed together.

But Coco was a very smart little dog and learned her manners very quickly. She learned how to sit, stay, come when she was called and to do lots of tricks.

Coco didn’t like it when Sue went to work – she wanted to have a job too.

So she went to school and learned how to be kind, and listen to people, and let people hug her really close… and soon she knew everything she needed to take the Therapy Dog test and she passed! Coco was now a dog with a job and she was so proud to go to work.

Coco wore a very pretty green vest that told everyone she was a therapy dog registered with the Delta Society (now known as Pet Partners) . This way people knew she was a very special dog… and she started her career visiting with special people who needed a little extra love and attention.

Soon she became known as Coco the Love Dog because her most special talent was giving lots and lots of love!

Through her career Coco the Love Dog has visited with many people and loved them all.

Coco’s work has appeared in Child Magazine, Animal Fair Magazine, New York Post, Dogs for Kids and many other publications. And her story was featured in the Fall Issue of Cal State Long Beach’s School of Social Work’s “Reflections: Narratives on Professional Helping.”

Coco now loves having her brother Kirby lead the way

Coco now loves having her brother Kirby lead the way

At a relatively young age Coco became diabetic and developed cataracts in her eyes. She was insulin-dependent and blind and then deaf, but this did not slow her down. In fact, it made her want to work even more and visit as many people as she could to spread her message of strength and courage and joy. Her spirit continued to shine. Coco learned Touch Commands so she could continue to communicate and spread love wherever she was needed.

For Coco understood that “You don’t have to be perfect to be perfect” and challenges are just new obstacles to overcome.

When Coco moved from New York City to Las Vegas, she and Sue adopted a new brother, Kirby. Kirby is a little poodle adopted from Heaven Can Wait Animal Society in Las Vegas and was part of their Pups on Parole program. Kirby also has some special issues and is very proud to have become a Delta Pet Partners therapy dog just six months after joining Coco’s family. Learn more about Kirby.


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UPDATE: Award-winning Coco the Love Dog lost her battle with brain disease on August 1, 2010. She lived her life with strength and joy right up until the end and left us peacefully in her mom’s arms. Kirby and his therapy friends are proud to carry on the Love Dog legacy.


Coco doesn’t have to do tricks or anything – she just has to love us” (Rose)

Coco knows how to snuggle REAL close.” (Anita)

Coco lets you love her all the time.” (Jonathan)

Coco is MY dog and now I really have one to take home.” (Neal)

Happy Coco

Happy Coco

Coco sees with her heart.” (Alexa)

Coco never forgets you and makes you happy.” (Matthew)

“Coco never runs out of kisses.” (Bonita)

“Coco always makes me feel special.” (Shaunda)    

 Coco knows when you sad or mad and helps you get happy again.” (Gillian)